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    The Forever War Joe Haldeman

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    The Forever War

    Where Heinlein takes a positive look at war, Haldeman uses his experience with the Vietnam war to paint a more dismal picture, not that this was the point that makes Stars Touted as the best sci-fi military novel ever written, I went into reading The Forever War with a lot of expectations; probably too manyAll Rights Reserved"I sat down at the dining room table and typed out 'Tonight we're going to show you eight silent ways to kill a man.' Then I kept typing, not knowing at first whether it was going to be a story or a novel." It soon became clear that this was a longer work: The story was called Hero and was set far out into space, heavily influenced by Haldemans experiences in VietnamInformally, the novels compose The Forever War series; the novel also inspired a comic book and a board game.[3]Mar 22, 2015 Ben Babcock rated it liked it review of another edition Shelves: own, science-fiction, posthuman, space-opera, time-travel, hugo-winner, nebula-winner, 2015-read So Im on a relativistic shuttle, waiting for youNov 07, 2014 Megan Baxter rated it really liked it The cover blurb on the copy I was reading referred to it as the science fiction Catch-22Repeat.There were long, long s I bought and read this book based upon the many glowing reviews I saw on the internetLike Starship Troopers, this book is a template for the lesser works that have followed it.The story is a simple oneAll due to the disruption of time from space travel!There are lots of things to love about this novel, but Ill restrain my enthusiasm to just two.One, I really thought Mramazon.co.ukThe Forever War: Forever War Book 1 (S.FGraphic novel[edit].more flag 22 likesLike see review View 2 comments And I'm usually happy to get a "happy" ending, but for a book filled with war and carnage that Mandella gets his snuggle bunny Marygay after all against all odds seemed a bit *too* happy and Hollywood an ending for meAre you amazed? Are you awestruck? Are you stunned with Haldeman's brilliance yet? Well, you better be, my friends, as that is literally ALL HE HAS for you in this book.The rest of it? Oh my LORDClarke as protagonist Jan Rodricks travels to the Overlords homeland in a faraway galaxy; upon his return to Earth he has barely aged, while 80 years have passed for those who remain on EarthAnd that may be the fantasy of every lonely, pathetic dude incapable of actually interacting with women, but it for sure isn't something I want or accept in my supposedly-equal futuresThis first expedition, beginning in 1997, lasts only two years from the soldiers' point of view, but due to time dilation, they arrive back at Earth in 2024.[4] During the expedition's second battle, the soldiers experience future shock first-hand, as the Taurans employ much more advanced weaponry against them while they have not had the chance to re-armthe US draft where often those who were the poorest and less privileged were sent against Vietnamese); that the Earth to which Mandella returns, many decades or hundreds of years later is very different from the one he left, unwelcoming and undone (vsAdditionally, Mandella's partner takes on the name of Haldeman's own wife, Marygay Potter


    War, as they say, is good for absolutely nothingexcept as an economic machine in which human lives are the lubricant.However, if youre looking for science fiction with intense ground battles and descriptions of sexy powered mecha suits, then this is not the book for youThis concept is explored in the 1953 novel, Childhoods End by Arthur CStay in space for a long timeEditions published prior to 1991 were abridged for space by the original editor (omitting the middle section, a novella titled You Can Never Go Back)With a past decade of conflict, there's an entirely new generation of soldiers who have experienced war, and that was something we wanted to examineIn 1997, Avon published the version that Haldeman called "definitive", with "everything restored" and "a less funny cover illustration."[8] This version was republished twice, first in October 2001 as a hardback with a cover showing spaceships in battle over a planet, and again in September 2003, with the cover art depicting a device worn over the eye of a soldierHere we go:War sucksThis is hard sci-fi military space opera and I haven't even seen any of the Star Wars movies, or Star Treks, and only a handful of Doctor Who episodes (I only found out last year what a TARDIS is)I suppose it is a preference, with fiction, for story and character over political philosophy lectures, particularly when the lectures are tendentious and self servingWhat would you be fighting for?That's just one of the issues brought up in "The Forever War" by Joe HaldemanYay! (hide spoiler)]But despite my complaints, I did enjoy thisGet bored 22c7c4b003


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